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Soft landscape


Landscape Company in Ajman and Sharjah

Al Manazer, we have expert landscapers who can ensure the beautiful transformation of your landscape. They are experts in transforming a dull outdoor space into a private sanctuary where you can enjoy the beauty of nature any time of the day. They also apply creative techniques when installing various softscape elements to highlight their beauty and function.

Our softscape installation crews are all knowledgeable of the different landscaping methods and design techniques. They will ensure that every softscape element is in harmony with other landscape elements. The trees, for example, are planted in strategic locations so they can provide maximum shade and will not obstruct other landscape structures. We will also choose the right type of turf for your lawn so you won’t have to spend more on irrigation.

The softscapes that we create usually include various combinations of annuals, perennials, shrubs, ground cover, and trees. We can install zinnias, marigolds, impatiens, and other awesome annual plants to make your garden bloom all season. Meanwhile, roses, mums, peonies, and daylilies are popular perennials that can suit any landscape theme. We can also add evergreens and other shrubs if you like an garden. Aside from shade trees, we can also plant ornamental and fruit trees. Just tell us your desired plantings, and we will install them when possible.



We can incorporate hardscaping and lighting into your existing landscape design or create an entirely new landscape design for you that includes a variety of hardscaping and outdoor lighting elements. Hardscaping refers to the design and installation of non-living features, including fireplaces, hot tub surrounds, water features, walkways, retaining walls, and more. Hardscaping can impact landscaping or backyard design, improve drainage, prevent erosion, and help you make use of every part of your property. Outdoor lighting makes it possible for you enjoy your outdoor living spaces in the evenings and can improve safety by lighting walkways, driveways, and patios.

Hardscape elements such as patios, pergolas, arbors, pathways, benches, fire pits, and ponds can create outdoor living spaces for enjoyment and entertaining. Al Manazer can help you with many different types of hardscape elements that you can incorporate into your new or existing landscape design.

A paver patio will provide a “wow” factor and low maintenance to your upscale outdoor living area instead of a simple concrete patio. Walkways, pathways, stairways, and terraces can help you get the most use from every part of your property. Decorative elements such as pergolas, sitting walls, benches, and water features will add style and serenity to any landscape. Additionally, an outdoor fireplace allows you to use your outdoor space on chilly Santa Cruz County nights as an extra room. Any of these features is ideal for entertaining friends and family.


Irrigation Services


We follow a smart approach to creating landscape irrigation systems for clients all over UAE. Typically, we begin each project by surveying the area so we can get a better idea of the client’s landscape. We assess the specific species of the softscape elements, the topography, soil condition, and other landscape features so we will know how much water should be supplied. We recommend to clients the best system that requires the least amount of water but sufficiently supplies the needs of all the plantings in the landscape.

Once the client approves the proposal, we then begin preparing the area and installing the various system components. We carefully perform the installation job to prevent any damage to plantings and other existing landscape structures. We use only top-notch materials and products from the most trusted brands, hence allowing us to guarantee clients with irrigation systems that truly work and last for decades.

Landscape Designing


Work with our designer(s) to create a plan for your property. All of the following can be worked into a Computer Generated (CAD) plan drawn to scale. This is a good time to get Master Plan created that can be implemented right away or over time as your budget allows. All of the following can be included in the design: Patios, Walks/Paths, Fireplaces and Fire-Pits, Outdoor Kitchens, Covered Outdoor Areas, Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Water Features, Drainage, Shrubbery and Trees, Sod.

We take pride in our ability to create landscape designs that are vivid, highly detailed, and capture perfectly what clients are looking for in a landscape setting. We use the most updated computer-aided design (CAD) software for all design projects that we handle. CAD tools allow us to achieve full-color rendering and 3D design effect that let our clients visualize the entire landscape as if it’s already fully completed and set up. This design tool likewise makes it possible for us to ensure fast turnaround time and guarantee clients with easy revisions even way late into the design phase. The results of our landscape designs are always what the clients exactly want to see.

erosion control and drainage


Landscapes with slopes must be constructed with controlling erosion in mind. A bare slope can cause soil and rocks to slide and result to giving damage to hardscapes. There are a lot of ways to control landscape erosion such as the following:


This is an inexpensive erosion control means. Since grass grows quickly, this is one of the most efficient ways to control erosion.


This works practically on steep slopes. Matting allows plants to hold on steep slopes, which work to slow down the flow of water.


Mulches like straw, bark, sawdust, leaves, wood pulp, and fibers can absorb moisture while releasing them slowly. This ensures that the soil is not washed away. And since mulches are organic materials, they are loved by plants for the landscape.

Barriers and boulders.

Our landscapers can add rocks in steeper areas. These help in slowing down the flow of water. Rails and timbers can also work the same way.

Riprap. Loose stones and boulders are used to protect soil underneath while working on slowing down the flow of water.

Terraced hillsides.

Terracing has long been used for centuries even in traditional farming for controlling erosion. Planted areas hold water better, which protects the area from erosion.